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Anno 1404 unofficial patch downloaden

anno 1404 unofficial patch downloaden

were unable to obtain the Black Pearl in Mission. Restored funny and witty achievement sentences for all achievement tooltips that were mistakenly removed. The AI can no longer build a castle when the corresponding transport ship is in combat. Savegames from an online profile can now only be loaded once login to "Gateway to the World" was successful. The effect of the attainment "Binding handshake" at level 3 has been corrected. Continue browsing in r/anno, community Details, a subreddit dedicated the video game series Anno.

Anno 1404 unofficial patch downloaden
anno 1404 unofficial patch downloaden

anno 1404 unofficial patch downloaden

I thought to myself maybe i finished the KtP scenario before using the unofficial patch?
I checked the download date of my file and its from Jan.
2013 and my last save before winning the KtP scenario is from Sept.
2013 so i definitely started.
Anyone try using the.

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This function is not planned. 4, the European and some of the digitally distributed "Gold" versions of Anno 1404 (Dawn of Discovery) are sometimes listed as version.1, which includes both the.3 and.1 patches. The bug fixes will also work on all other language versions as well. Also, anyone know what exact game version this GoG release comes with? Fixed a bug which allowed the player to multiply the Goods on a Ship through skillful movement between the Ship's cargo slots. This prevented completion of the quest chain, preventing players from attaining the "You all owe me a favor" achievement. Retail Version, edit All versions purchased as physical copies have had the version.3 and.1 patches released and can be patched.

Anno 1404 Unofficial Patch?
(Google it and it will come up on the Steam forums) In addition to fixing the English localization, it fixes several quests and achievements.
The Patches Scrolls - 20 years of gaming, Patches, Demos others downloads readily available and for free Description.
Patch Download, aNNO 1404 : Venice unofficial patch.10 PC US The Patches Scrolls.